Exploring the gaming world: Decentraland

Decentraland (MANA) was founded in 2017 by Argentinian software engineer and entrepreneur Esteban Ordano. MANA is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network. MANA is burned or spent in exchange for LAND plots. In addition to burning MANA in exchange for LAND (1000 MANA = 1 LAND), users will be able to exchange MANA with other users in exchange for virtual land, goods and services hosted within Decentraland.


It is a connected world made up of parcels of LAND, a non-fungible digital asset held in an Ethereum smart contract. In a Metaverse with an integrated Play-to-Earn game, players and investors interested in the sector lurk within the ecosystem. Players, who represent a very specific niche of users, therefore offer a very relevant opportunity for companies that should choose to buy lands in the Metaverse, in order to position their brand and increase awareness of specific niches towards that brand.

When applying for LAND, there are a few things to know:
– each parcel has an area of 100 square meters (about 1,080 square feet)
– only LAND adjacent to previously claimed parcels can be claimed. This improves the value of your LAND as it will be connected with the rest of the world
– you have complete control: only the LAND owner can define the content of his parcel
– the ownership of LAND is transferable. You can buy, sell, rent or lease LAND at your convenience.
To ensure the ecosystem, the amount of land in Decentraland matches the fixed total amount of MANA. The platform wanted a scarcity of LAND for the ecosystem to grow in a congruous and sustainable way and to prevent the plots from being abandoned. The user experience and the quality of the content would be negatively affected.


Decentraland deals with virtual reality, dApps development, game design, cryptocurrencies, art and 3D design using decentralized computing and WebVR. Users can create, experience and monetize content and applications. You can fully immerse yourself in an interactive 3D world, with plenty of opportunities to explore or even create your own piece of the universe. LAND can be purchased through the Ethereum Blockchain, creating an immutable property archive. No one can limit what you build. With full control of your land, you can create unique experiences. The limit is your imagination: go to a casino, watch a live concert, attend a seminar, shop with friends, start a business, test drive a car, visit an underwater resort and so much more.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:
– 40% sold through crowdsale
– 20% for communities and partners
– 20% for teams and early contributors
– 20% for the company
Decentraland is developed by Decentraland, a private company whose headquarters are not specified (the company jokingly claims to be located in the fictional metropolis of Genesis City). The most notable Team member is cofounder Esteban Ordano.


He was also an advisor at Matic Network. Esteban was Software Engineering Intern and Site Reliability Engineering Intern at Google. He co-founded Zeppelin Solutions and created Streamium, a free and open source service that allows content creators to stream live video directly to viewers and get paid immediately. As a Software Engineer at BitPay, he helped build Bitcore and Copay Bitcoin Wallet.

Decentraland has a position on CoinmarketCap oscillating between the fiftieth and one hundredth place of the most capitalized coins.

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