Friends and supporters of BTC #6: Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz

After the article dedicated to the cofounder of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, I continue my review of influential people who support Bitcoin. Today I’m talking about Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz, serving as the junior United States senator for Texas since 2013. Attorney, Republican, 51, he is famous for his phrases in favor of Bitcoin and the individual freedoms of the citizen. He has often spoken out against taxes, especially those that affect small and medium-sized companies.

Cruz bought between $15k and $50k worth of Bitcoin on January 25th, using the River brokerage. Those days Bitcoin was trading between $ 36k and $ 37k.

Also in November 2021 he submitted a resolution on the Senate floor that would require the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments at all gift shops, restaurants and vending machines located within the Capitol Complex. According to Breitbart News, Cruz said in an interview: “As consumers better understand and embrace cryptocurrency, merchants are increasingly accepting crypto as a payment method. Congress is typically slow to adopt new technology. My bill would position Congress to lead on this issue by having congressional cafeterias, vending machines, and gift shops accept crypto payments.” In August 2021, while many senators voted the so-called Infrastructure Bill, Cruz opposed it due to an onerous $ 30 billion regulation of the crypto industry. Cruz said:” “Let’s recognize that if we gathered all 100 senators in this chamber and asked them to stand up and articulate two sentences defining what in the hell a cryptocurrency is, that you would not get greater than five who could answer that question”. Below is a video from Sen. Cruz on the issue.
He has opposed too a provision in the Infrastructure Bill that critics said would extend the definition of a ‘broker’ to miners, and potentially even validators and coders. In May 2022 Sen. Cruz announced that he wants to make Texas an ‘oasis’ for Bitcoin and crypto.

Cruz also said that he is very bullish on Bitcoin. The video below shows the speech made by the US senator at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2022 event in February earlier this year.

Sen. Cruz compared the American Democrats to the Chinese Communists, since he thinks they want to block Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at all costs. According to The Block, Sen. Cruz said: “They don’t like something they can’t control. That is the exact same reason most Democrats don’t like Bitcoin. Why does Bitcoin make Elizabeth Warren toss and turn and twitch at night? Because she wants her sticky little socialist fingers to be able to control every penny in every one of our bank accounts.“

There is a video in particular on YouTube that summarize Sen. Cruz’s philosophy.

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Alberto Vischio