Who the f**k is crypto_albert and why should I listen to him?

Hi everyone guys, my name is Alberto Vischio and I come from a small city, Verona, North East Italy, nestled between the Alps, Garda Lake and the Adriatic Sea. My family belongs to the middle class and my parents have never made me miss anything. I am grateful for everything they have done for me. I grew up in my father’s company in the automotive industry and my favorite hobbies are rugby, travels and cars. I probably would have followed my father’s path but I have always been a curious person and open to new challenges. After a failed experience in network marketing, I discovered Cryptocurrencies in 2018. I remember the first impression was: “What the hell are Cryptocurrencies?” After a period of initial skepticism, I began to study this sector in depth and I realized that the people who are part of it are prominent: engineers, computer scientists, programmers, investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs in the world of finance. This sector is completely new (as you know Bitcoin was created in 2009) and is still to be built. As of today there are thousands of Cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap and their applications are the most varied. I firmly believe that Cryptocurrencies can truly improve people’s lives and make our wonderful planet Earth a better place. Despite the bear market we are in today, 40,000 new jobs will be created for the metaverse by 2030 in Dubai alone. We have enormous potential. We can improve the transport sector, fight counterfeiting, cut bureaucratic costs and protect the environment. But are Cryptocurrencies all sunshine and rainbows? Unfortunately not. Our industry is often compared to scams, especially online ones. The anonymity of transactions is viewed with suspicion, especially among ordinary people and in government circles. This is a myth to dispel, in fact most crimes are carried out with cash. According to the United Nations, the estimated amount of money laundered globally in one year is 2–5% of global GDP, or $ 800 billion — $ 2 trillion in current US dollars. It can be inferred that criminal activities are overwhelmingly carried out using cash and not Cryptocurrencies. “But Alberto, are you in favor of the abolition of cash?” Absolutely not, I am in favor of an expansion of the choice of the free citizen. Cryptocurrencies represent one more option on how to spend and collect your money. In recent years I have learned to recognize which are the farsighted projects from the unsuccessful ones. How did I do it? I wrote articles for two years for a financial newspaper and edited a column where in each article I went to deal with a different Cryptocurrency. One of my intentions is to show that 99% of the people who are part of this industry are ethycal and that they are at the service of their community. I will talk about news, prominent people, projects and why not, also how to stay away from scams.


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

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Alberto Vischio


Editor-in-Chief of New Coin Post and Cryptocurrencies addicted since 2018. I help people to understand better this sector and its purposes.