Worldcoin? No thanks

About three weeks ago Worldcoin was launched, the project that has “the ambition of creating a new identity and financial network owned by everyone.” The creator of Worldcoin is the American entrepreneur Sam Altman, current CEO of OpenAI.


Worldcoin is all about AI and consists of three core elements: World ID, Worldcoin tokens (WLD) and the World App. There is an initial supply cap of 10 billion WLD. One of the ways to receive the tokens is to have your iris scanned by an Orb. The company has placed an Orb in various cities around the world (to see the complete list click here).


I’m not against this technology but I think it should be used with caution. It can be used to relieve humanity of strenuous or dangerous work but man cannot be totally replaced by it. AI lacks the human feelings that make us unique such as understanding, love, empathy, etc… Elon Musk also said some time ago that a pause for reflection should be made on AI. It could certainly be a threat both because it could cause the loss of many jobs (I am thinking above all of journalists, copywriters, authors, etc…) and because it could be used in important decision-making roles (for example in cybersecurity, army, health, national security, etc.). And if even the machines rebelled against man? All this reminds me of the film I, Robot with Will Smith.


I’m not very convinced by all this, especially for privacy, even if the company hastened to say that there will be no problems in this regard. Already many important figures in our industry are raising concerns. It is sad to see after 3 years of pandemic people lining up to have their eyes scanned.


It is the typical behavior of sheep, and clashes with that of the free thinker of those who support Bitcoin. Among the most used adjectives to describe Worldcoin I read: innovative, extraordinary. I already know something innovative and extraordinary: it’s called Bitcoin and it can’t be replaced by anyone.

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